"SPEAK EASY addresses the important elements of good communication both at work - and outside of the workplace as well.  It provides a solid foundation of communication techniques and very specific examples of how to put them into practice.  In simple, direct language, it helps the reader achieve a communication style and ability that translates into career- and life- success."
Melinda Wolfe, Senior Human Resources Executive, has held strategic roles in Diversity and Talent Development for GOLDMAN SACHS, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND BLOOMBERG.

"Cynthia is a top-notch communicator!  SPEAK EASY is packed with great stories and insights; it provides a quick how-to for improving your ability to communicate with others in professional and personal situations."
Christopher Williams, Director, Training and Development,
Organizational Effectiveness, HOME BOX OFFICE - HBO

"SPEAK EASY is a comprehensive guide that covers every aspect of how you communicate.  Cindy presents in crisp language the causes of bad communication and the steps you can take to correct it.  Readers will relate to Cindy's vivid examples that highlight the importance of body language, voice, word choice, mental attitude and the value of reflective listening.  I recommend SPEAK EASY to all who wish to build rapport and achieve positive empathy with those around them."
Patricia Skelly, Employee Relations Counsel,

"Communication is at the heart of our society.  SPEAK EASY is a practical how-to guide for enhancing the effectiveness of how we transfer our thoughts and emotions.  Cynthia Leeds Friedlander combines her practical down-to-earth personal style with professional insights gained from her extensive career in Communication and Career Management to create a practical guide to improving your everyday communication skills."
Nancy E. Walcott, Private Banking Americas Operations,
Vice President, Strategy & Planning, HSBC BANK USA, N.A


"This book is a communication tour de force.  Cynthia Friedlander brings her years of coaching and communicating expertise to deliver a wide range of advice, tips, and best practices for professionals of every stripe.  This is not a skim across the surface but a deep dive into all the ways that communication can be used and fine-tuned for professionals.  From choosing the right words to being in the right state of mind, no topic is too small or too large for her to cover in depth.  SPEAK EASY is a book that professionals and coaches will recommend and use for many years to come.  Reserve a prominent place on your bookshelf for this instant business classic."
Mark Sirkin, Ph.D. international business coach and lecturer; author of dozens of professional articles and the book, THE SECRET LIFE OF CORPORATIONS: UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE NATURE OF BUSINESS; currently, Director, Leadership and Organization Development, HILDEBRANDT INTERNATIONAL

"From beginning to end, Cindy hits on the key rules that everyone needs to know to be successful.   Her summation that "Enhancing the way we communicate is the essential first step to self-development, interpersonal relationships, stress management, career navigation and simply getting through each day." is right on point!

For me, meeting Cindy and getting the knowledge that she shares so gracefully has opened up a whole new world that I had not dreamed could possibly be.   Honing my communication skills truly has helped me tap into a new career as well as new friendships."

Bernice Smith, Director of Employee Services and Conflict Resolution,

"Cynthia Friedlander has given us all an enormous gift by writing SPEAK EASY.  Often times, it is not a skill or experience gap that affects career advancement, it is the effectiveness of communication and relationship building that can either derail a career or propel an individual to success. Cindy has identified various communication styles (and their underlying causes) in an engaging manner and provides readers with practical techniques to improve the effectiveness of their communications. It is the lucky reader who benefits from the wisdom and insights that Cindy has gained through her years as a highly sought-after executive coach."
Cynthia Augustine, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Employee Services, SCHOLASTIC Inc.; previous roles include SVP Talent Management, TIME WARNER, Inc. and SVP HR,

"Cynthia Leeds Friedlander is a communicator extraordinaire -- I learn something each time Cindy and I talk -- so when Cindy gave me her book to read, I had high expectations. There are many books on this topic as well as courses, seminars and speakers.  I knew she wouldn't write a book on communication unless she had something to say. And she has said it as no one else can. SPEAK EASY has been a guide for me as well as a trusted tool."

Andrea Eisenberg, Career Management Consultant,

"The power of positive communication is far stronger when we can say, 'I agree with you.' as opposed to 'I do not disagree with you.'   The lack of negativity fosters a safe haven for dialogue between people.  I thank Cindy for pointing this out to me and helping me incorporate the power of positive dialogue in my communications with others.  Her book, SPEAK EASY, encompasses so many aspects of communication and is such a valuable resource for everyone"
Mark Pedowitz, Senior Executive, ABC ENTERTAINMENT; former President ABC/TOUCHSTONE STUDIOS

"As Cynthia Leeds Friedlander says, it's ultimately how we interact, connect and communicate with each other that will control our destiny. This is a must-read primer filled with powerful illustrations and practical applications to enhance your self-awareness and self-expression for even more career and life success!"
Tara Stevens, Human Resources Professional, has held key HR leadership roles at DOW JONES - THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, the MIAMI DOLPHINS - DOLPHINS ENTERPRISES, and